Astrophotography with Narrow Band Filters using the Hubble Palette  

Click on photos to for an enlarged view. Exposure info in image file name.

IC1805, the Heart Nebula

IC1805 center region

NGC7000, the North American Nebula

The wall of the North American Nebula

NGC6992, the Eastern Veil Nebula

IC1848, the Soul Nebula
NGC281, the Pacman Nebula
NGC2174, the Monkey Head Nebula

NGC1499, the California Nebula

NGC2237, the Rosette Nebula

NGC6888, the Crescent Nebula

Herbig-Haro object HH55 located in the Pelican Nebula IC5070

IC410, the Tadpoles Nebula

NGC7380, the Wizard Nebula